revolutionizing Portfolios
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What We Do

- Enabling employee portfolio standardization
- Creating opportunities for portfolio automation and analysis
- Data-driven hiring
- Enabling new business models and opportunities that emerge with standardization

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What do you get?


Once users add their portfolio and information, employers can receive information about potential employees through our API using the user's token.


A free website is auto-generated for you, complete with your portfolio information, such as your biography, skills, jobs, and more!


How does it work?

  • Users

    All you have to do is add your complete portfolio. Add information about yourself, your jobs, projects, achievements, and more.

  • Website

    Once you input information about yourself, we create a completely free and auto-generated website for you, complete with your portfolio.

  • Employer Access

    Users are also given a secure token. With the token, employers can access data about potential employees through our API.

  • Endless Opportunities

    We are creating a standard, so it is easier for employers to get data. No more reading long resumes by hand. You can now easily automate the profile analysis and hiring process.

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